Men generalize about women all the time, but a woman makes one generalization about men and suddenly it's all like "Not me! Not all men! # NotAllMen"

@Robby this is what I was trying to help men think about with my questions the other day...

@Robby i agree, but i had to smirk a bit as the first and last part of your statement 'prove' that men also generalize about men 'all the time' :thinkhappy: well, at least you and i did :sweat_smile_ms:

@Robby I think that generalizations, whoever makes them, are not helping people to understand. Even when the generalization is statistically correct, it still throws people in a bad bucket as a default.
In this case, I think the target who can see "in" the genalization has already understood, the rest is just pushed away from understanding.

@Robby I literally was at the grocery store today with my BARELY ONE YEAR OLD NIECE waiting for my mom to get done with customer service and some old guy was getting some money from the atm nearby, now, my niece, being a baby, saw his wallet in his hand and made the gimme motion because like, literally anything an adult is holding is something she wants and this motherfucker looked me dead in the eye and said "just like a woman huh?" and. were i not holding a child i don't know that i would have been able to resist spinkicking him back into the jurassic era where he came from

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