I tried to keep this neutral, I'm not judging anyone for doing any of these things.

Except Big Titty ALF, screw that guy.

This post was really just a trick to get my instance more widely federated.

A lot of these are dated already, shit moves fast around here.

@Robby i'm literally guilty of all of these except nudes and cute pets.

@Robby alright here's a game for Friday nights hahah

I haven't done most of these. Needs a #ChipShopFriday tile. Possibly a birthday toots tile. Changing your icon, name and instance every day so no one knows who you are is also definite Mastodon culture.

@floppyplopper My intention was for this to be for posts you see, not posts you've made.

I knocked this out in 15 minutes from a template, it could definitely be improved.

It's definitely good work. Hope you feel appreciated rn.

I think you're missing memes pasted from other sites.
* RT from birdsite
* Important post without hashtags

@Robby picking on me with the bot one is just unfair

@lyliawisteria I tried very hard to keep everything positive or at least neutral.

@Robby I don't recognize lots of these, making me question if I'm even here.

@jemus42 By necessity, this is based on the little corner of the Fediverse I inhabit. I don't doubt it looks strange to a lot of people.

@Robby Yeah, got a line, or two.

Sorry to be a newb, but what the hell is "horntposting"?

@gboyd42 Basically, posting about how horny you are. "Hornt" is an intentional typo.

@Robby Thank you. At least I'm not guilty of that one, yet.

@Robby i have seen all of these except for vape ape and big tiddy alf

@KitRedgrave those may be a bit dated (since things can become dated around here in the few months I've been here)

Are the "galaxy brain" and tired/wired jokes considered shitposting?

@Robby Isn't drunk posting pleroma stuff?
Also a language you don't understand is StatusNet stuff.
@Robby StatusNet is the first fediverse software, very legacy now.
Pleroma is what I'm using to federate this post, it's way more efficient and featureful than mastodon.

i know the origin of all memes, as is the requirement for my position

@Robby So we can search for these things and try to cover as many squares as possible? That sounds something like a cross between bingo and a scavenger hunt, and a good way to encourage people to explore the different instances on Mastodon. What are the rules?

@BertL I hadn't thought of any rules. Feel free to make up your own!

@tomas both lewd and non-lewd nudes fall under the "nudes" category

@Robby I am new here, but that seems pretty spot on.

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