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Dear everyone,

Before you interact with my new toots, please wait 10 seconds for the inevitable delete & redraft because I found a typo. I will always find a typo.


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Whenever I talk about them, I'm gonna say "GF" (capitals) when I mean the woman I live with and am in a committed long-term relationship with, and "gf" (lowercase) to mean the other woman I'm dating.

Because as many words as English has, it doesn't seem to have anything between "girlfriend" and "wife"

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Here's my intro, audio only. Please excuse my robotic baritone voice.

@eloisa, you get Fethry Duck, Donald Duck's eccentric cousin who is somehow worse at everything than Donald is. He's obscure in the USA, but fairly well-known in European comics, so if you're a disney comics fan at all, you may have heard of him!

ele e conhecido como Peninha em Brasil, nao se em Portugal.

@viciousviscosity you get Hortense McDuck, Scrooge McDuck's sister and Donald Duck's mother

boost this and i will assign you a random obscure disney comic book character

*throwing out my boss because she doesn't spark joy*

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@lynnesbian i always just open fedilab on my phone and shitpost until i'm not bored anymore, much to the delight of my tens of fans.

so what's going on with the Duke of Carolina?

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i have a confession to make. i'm actually one million monkeys on one million macbooks, producing the best content we can.

i would like to thank @toro for faving this terrible toot that made me giggle at myself

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we ordered a BDSM toy online and they sent this adorable handwritten card along with it

"Remember; Gags = Quiet Time!"

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the whole fediverse orbits dirt, dirt is always from a blockchain chinchilla

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I don't even know why I try to talk to randos who pop up in my mentions to be contrary. It's never once gone well.

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